YA Fantasy PROJECTS  (my sweet spot in life.)


Currently working on multiple projects that are in the pipeline.

ISLE Part II – Name to still be decided + more description to come in the future.

The Gytha Project – stand alone | name to still be decided + more description to come in the future.

and well, yes there are a few other shorter series that I have stirring around in my brain, hooray.





Children’s Literature PROJECTS

Alongside my love for Young-Adult Literature I have a passion for the art of crafting Children’s Literature + Illustration. Currently I have 2 children’s books in the pipeline that I am so very proud of. I tend to carry a nordic cooler feel through my children’s work that comes across within the illustration and wording.

Current Projects (not available for sale- yet.)

Miki – A story about a boy raised by wolves.

Leif + Freya – A story of a girl who befriends a bear.

Kona’s day on the Farm – A story of a little black dog who finds adventure on the farm.